Doing his best impersonation of a UAE oil sheik, Mercedes-Benz F1 racer Lewis Hamilton has picked up the very vain "LEW 1S" vanity plate for a smooth £200,000, or about $392,000. This, of course, leads us to believe Hamilton is 11 years old and still likes to write his name on desks, in bathroom stalls, and onto tree trunks. Then again, we don't drive F1 cars for a living and get paid $27.8 million a year to do it, so what do we know? Considering Hamilton is living every 11-year-old boy's dream anyway, why not buy ridiculous things with your piles of loot? More importantly, what car is it going on?

While we can't nail it down specifically, the license plate will likely be going onto a Mercedes SUV, which tops out at around $111,900 for the 2008 G55 AMG. Thus Mr. Hamilton will have hung a very expensive plate on a pauper's car. Hey, maybe it would have made more sense to buy a new Porsche Carrera GT to replace the one his dad took one off into foul territory. Ah, the rough life of an F1 superstar. [