If you hadn't noticed, we've written a lot about Top Gear USA today, including posting the official release, the first photos and the host bios. Basically, it was a Toby Keith-sized Amerigasm all over the Jalop today as all the months of wondering, waiting and complaining finally came to an end (well, an "end" until we actually see the pilot of Top Gear USA). But what about the important question: Will it work?

We left it to you and Ted Striker knocked it out for us:

Just like the US version of The Office became a runaway success after finding a voice that was distinct from its UK ancestor, this can work. Will it work is another question; Carolla has always pissed me off, but if he knows his shit, then I'll still watch.

Let's be honest here: this is Top Gear we're talking about, not Shakespeare. If the show is entertaining, features a lot of supercar pr0n and manages to mock shitty cars, I call it a win.

Well then, Top Gear USA, speak the speech, we pray you, not as Clarkson has spoke it to you, bitterly on the tongue.