With just two weeks left until one of the most car-crazy states in the US bans handset usage while driving, it seems other places are taking note. Dallas, Texas has announced it will be banning handset use in all 651 area school zones. The idea behind the ordinance is understandable, with crosswalks, bus stops and roaming bands of children adding to the usual targets for distracted drivers. But we think enforcing this law may prove challenging.

Hands-free devices like Bluetooth headsets will still be permitted, as will emergency calls. The fine for violators will be $200, but with school zones generally just a few blocks long, what is the Chatty Cathy to do during a lengthy conversation? Put the phone down for the two blocks? Also, what are the chances a police officer will be in the school zone to actually do the enforcing? Perhaps what's needed are crossing guards with photo radar. And kevlar vests. [Dallasnews]