With today's announcement that Top Gear USA is actually, finally, press-release-sent-out confirmed by NBC as a pilot (we'll have to see whether it gets picked up as a full series), we're now ready for the next round of speculation to begin.

See, we have high hopes for the show, given that the current BBC version is pretty much the best broadcast anywhere in the world. We also have grave concerns, given American networks' history of eviscerating imported program ideas in an effort to tweak them for "our unique tastes." So, what say you: Will Top Gear USA succeed?


Obviously, a show's hosts and the related chemistry are a huge part of success or failure. To that end, the announcement of Adam Carolla and Eric Stromer as co-hosts makes us even more wary. On the other hand, stunt driver Tanner Foust, the third host, sounds like a potential winner. If the three can play off each other just right, and they're able to work in enough killer car footage despite our litigious society, Top Gear USA could be a winner. Or not.