We're going to leave Anaheim and head a few additional miles behind the Orange Curtain... to Costa Mesa, as we continue our special Down On The California Street DOTS-O-Rama. Costa Mesa, as you may recall, gets a Thomas Pynchon shout-out in Vineland, with the Great South Coast Plaza Eyeshadow Raid sequence taking place at the city's famous shopping mall. We can thank VeeArrrSix for capturing this not-very-legally-registered little yellow bomb for us; make the jump to read his description.

Spotted this "lifeguard truck" yellow little guy a few weeks ago in Costa Mesa, CA, right by my office. I didn't get a chance to grab a pic, but I saw it again yesterday, sans the car cover that thwarted me last time. The owner has a Exige as his daily driver... he definitely doesn't mess around. Any idea how he gets away with a british plate in the OC? Thanks!