When we think of hybrids we tend to think of a small gas engine and an even smaller electric motor, a la the 2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid. There's also the inverse, like the Aptera, which uses a small gas engine to power a strong electric motor. But "hybrid" can mean so many different things. It's just two concepts combined to make one. Jon Stewart, for instance, drives a truck-robotic dinosaur hybrid that helps him maneuver through the streets of NYC.

Today, "Gentle" Ben Wojdyla updated us on the full stats of the 2009 Cadillac CTS-V, including its 556 horsepower V8. We have Andy Duncan to thank for pointing out that this is another kind of hybrid:

In 20 years, when we're all driving electrics and bitching about the Indian-import-tuner crowd (henceforth known as "Basmati Ricers"), this is the car we're going to look back at as the anachronistic, bat-shit-crazy example of the excess of the '00s. It rolls into one vehicle the stratospheric horsepower of the '60s muscle-car era with the cocaine-fueled luxury obsession of the Mercedes 80s. It's perfect.

Not only did Andy get the song "White Lines" stuck in our head, we're now also going to try to trademark the term "Basmati Ricers."