Yesterday's post on the Concours D'Ignorance generated a comment from mr.chöppèrs regarding what he'd rock when rolling into the show:

"In the spirit of violating the spirit of the Concours d'ignorance, I would like to roll up in a magnificent Cumberford Martinique. Mahogany body, BMW engine, Citroën suspension, cocaine styling."


Reading this hellish description and having no idea what the hell a Cumberford Martinique was, we had to get our research on.

This aluminum and wooden bodied mongrel features a whole lot of parts from a whole lot of folks. While the chassis is all Cumberford, the engine is sourced from BMW, while a Citroen CX contributes the suspension and steering components. This baby is sourced from a little bit of everywhere. Considering the crazy progeny of components, we're shocked it's a functioning automobile, but we found reports of pretty decent reliability (those reports may be highly overstated). So, what do you think; greatest potential for Jalopnik staff car, or potential hell-on-wheels? [Sourcing: here, here, and here]