If you read both the 2008 Mazdaspeed3 and 2008 BMW 128i review, you may have noticed that a couple of pictures looked similar. There's a reason, Mark and I were out driving together. When doing a review it helps to have someone to go with you for assistance in setting up photos and, you know, it's a chance to drive twice the cars. It just so happens that we were near a particularly twisty stretch of road taking pictures when a gentleman in a black Z3 pulled up. Maybe he knew some other great places to drive.

It turns out he did. Our new friend Alan had an intimate knowledge of the land from over thirty years piloting this same stretch of asphalt and he implored us to follow him, which we happily did. After a brief drive over his home turf we stopped to chat and take some pictures. We exchanged information and went about our way. The next morning there was an email waiting for us was a scan of a highlighted map with notes and a long screed on his favorite roads (he was right, btw). It was just another reminder of why we love the community of drivers, made up of people who enjoy running up the miles on their cars and want to do so in a safe, responsible and enjoyable way. Thanks Alan.