We're not sure if this is a testament to French drivers or just Peugeot owners in general, but AvMap has announced a partnership with Peugeot for a breathalyzer-equipped GPS navigation unit called the Geosat 6 Drive Safety. The unit will be an available option for the Peugeot 107 Sweet Years. The driver simply blows into the upper right side of the device to receive a blood alcohol level, and is then allowed to determine if he or she is fit for the road. No potential for abuse there, no siree.

As a GPS navigation unit, the Drive Safety isn't too shabby. It includes a 4.8-inch touchscreen as well as text-to-speech, Bluetooth and more. It's an optional €449 accessory, which translates to about $700 United States dubya-fun-bucks. [GPS Business News]