After asking you about the future of Mercury we thought we'd turn our attention to that other mid-level domestic luxury brand: Buick. With word coming down that the 2011 Buick Lucerne may be sporting rear-wheel power is Buick to follow the Pontiac model? Is the Buick Invicta the future? With GM closing plants is this the time to move Buick from the brand of old people and Tiger Woods? Or is it time to shutter the doors?

Or maybe rather than killing Buick, you like Buick as it is? We can't imagine why — although who knows, maybe you get excited at the thought of an Enclave? Or do you want to relive the magic with a Buick Riviera Gran Sport that's actually... you know... sporty? Where does the future lie? What platforms? What style? You are the product planner. Are you a bad enough dude to save Ronny Lutz? (Hat tip to Sean!)