Despite the sexual connotations of the name "Vibering," it's actually a concept in design that's purpose is not to please the nether regions. In actuality, the ring's designed with the blind and/or deaf in mind to protect against THE KILLER PRIUS. The concept sure sounds simple — with two sound-detecting rings and a wristwatch, the Vibering listens for a variety of different sounds, including car engines and honking horns. It will then warn the wearer on the distance and proximity of the car with a series of vibrations. In addition to being able to detect auto noises, the Vibering also listens for common phrases like "Excuse Me" and more. It's only a conceptual design by the design team of Kwang-seok Jeong, Min-hee Kim and Hyun-joong Kim (yeah, we've never heard of them either), but it's a hell of a lot better than the external speaker idea. [Yanko]