Sure, we loves us some El Camino-izations, but what if you go beyond the mere car/truck love child? What if you could have a vehicle that blends elements of sedans, trucks, and station wagons? No, we're not talking about the Twindoor Skoda Superb, or some other newfangled crossover. We're talking about real innovation!

It's got four doors, a tailgate, a hatchback, and a rear seat that folds down to transform the trunk into a truck bed. No, it's not some mythical Jalopnik customization. It's the Kaiser Deluxe Traveler, and it came this way straight from the factory in Willow Run, Michigan. This is a 1951 model, but the multi-purpose hindquarters were first put into production back in the late '40s. Why, oh why, can't we get something like this today?

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