After the spectacular body work and 30-inch kicks on that Mercedes CL the other day, we didn't think modified German steel could get any more extravagant. However, today the sun rose anew and provided for us a refreshed challenge to the sensibilities. Tuning house Lithuanian National (which we can only assume is a front for blue jeans trafficking) has decided to show up their entry into the realm of super-mod schteel. This gives that CL a run for it's money, but we're not sure quite what to make of it. What does that mean? Poll time.

[via BMWBlog]

So, in a battle of epic modifying wills, who runs the show here? The CL has got serious craziness going on, but this Bimmer, at certain angles, actually looks pretty hot...particularly in light of the devilish license plate. What say you, fine peoples?

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