Not a day goes by without a local news report discussing the dangers of driving while talking on a cell phone, but now researchers at the University of South Carolina are taking things one step further by analyzing what goes on in the brain that makes cell phone use while driving so damn dangerous. A series of experiments by Dr. Amit Almor demonstrated that preparing to speak or actually speaking was four times more distracting than simply listening. Another experiment by Almor lead to some findings that could definitely change the landscape for the future of communicating while driving.

An experiment showed that while listening, experiment participants could complete a visual task easier when the task and the projected voice was in front, compared to a speaking voice come from the sides or back.

The latter experiment could lead to new vehicle speakerphone technology that could cut down on the level of distraction. Additionally, we're curious if the findings regarding the levels of brain distraction while speaking and listening could actually lead to a complete ban of cell phone use while driving, rather than the current limited restrictions. [Science Daily] (Image via Getty)