You think you know the meaning of Project Car Hell, do you? It is to laugh! Next time your flesh is feeling singed because you can't find some trim component for your Borgward and you're feeling like you're experiencing the full measure of Hell's torments, contemplate the enormity of what Mr. Curtis Merrill of Calgary, Alberta, has accomplished with his vintage Land Rover. He's installed a turbocharged Nissan V6 out of a 300ZX, but that was just to get warmed up for the real project. Yes, he's built a custom frame and placed a complete hyrdropneumatic suspension out of a Citröen DS under the Land Rover body... and everything works! In case that still isn't enough for you, check out the Pathfinder/Jaguar front-rear differential setup, not to mention the inboard Citröen SM brakes! Thanks to Paul_Y for the tip! []