With Wert in Korea doing who knows what we've been trying to hold down the fort. So far, so good. In addition to nothing blowing up, all the Saabs have remained safe. You don't know what you've got until it's gone, and it never occurred to us how nice it was to have him around to do all the "grown up" work. That all being said, we did occasionally vent a few times with jokes at the expense of Detwa, the city that he loves.

This was just our way of showing affection and showing our gratitude for his indifference to time zone's when calling us. For instance, in Ben's post today about GM buying the Renn Center we included a little jab about burning cars. It turns out that DrewDrawsPooh was ready to go one step further:

Are they still waiting for Detroit's "renaissance" to come, or was this always intended as an ironic name?


Thanks for playing our home version of "Make Fun Of The D In Ray's Absence." For those who still love the Lions, Tigers and empty buildings, have no fear as Ray is in the air on the way back. Like the Ferrari GT clock, we're counting down the minutes.