Whoops, looks like fräulein Helga parked the 2010 BMW Z4 mule in the wrong place at the wrong time. Several very nice interior shots have surfaced showing the layout and interfaces of the pending Z4 revision. The dash is still covered in a thick felt and that blue and white propeller on the wheel is taped over, but there's no mistaking some elements of the new car.

In these pics we can clearly make out a dash top user interface for the prominently displayed and new fangled pop-up iDrive. Also present in at ten and two are some aluminum paddle shifter doo-dads and on wheel controls. Something else new is the inclusion of an electric parking brake, which, as a feature still doesn't make much sense to us. The gauges get set deep in the pods and capped with chrome trim and the seats get extendable lower leg bolsters. Check out the full source picture at Bimmerfile and manual transmission versions at ZPost.