We have some bad news to those that enjoy getting behind a Formula 1 racer and careening down the track (virtually, that is): it looks as though Formula 1 gaming may be taking a hiatus after a dispute between F1 bossman, Bernie Ecclestone, and Sony, the current F1 license-holder. Way back when, Sony agreed to pay $75 million for a five year licensing deal with F1 between 2002 and 2007. Now F1 is reportedly asking for a big increase that Sony does not want to pay. Don't break out the tissues yet, diehard F1 fans, there are other options available.

It's Sony Computer Entertainment that is looking to win the bid, and if they don't reach an agreement with Formula 1, other game manufacturers may jump in and be willing to pay whatever Ecclestone wants for licensing. We don't think F1 gaming is done for, but those waiting for a hot and exciting next-generation racing title may have to wait a little while. [Kotaku]