Though it doesn't appear that when DMX was arrested he was in the now infamous yellow Chevy II Nova, it would have made a much cooler story. Given DMX's long rap sheet, it's probably safe to assume that he's been arrested in it before. In fact, looking over all of his crimes we're not surprised his license had been suspended. Give Al Gore III credit, though he was arrested for breaking the 100 mph barrier at least it was in a daddy-approved Prius.

Actually, Prius owners are dangerous. Just ask this kid, who was runover by a Prius... sort of. Ideally, we'd like to be arrested in something completely bizarre or awesome. Imagine how cool it would be to get popped in an ex-Mount Prospect Dodge Monaco police cruiser. On the other end, we'd love to end a police chase in a 2CV. You know the phrase "I wouldn't be caught dead in that car." What car would you like to get caught alive in?