The Cadillac that ain't your father's may be just be two-wheeled. Word of a new Cadillac motorcycle sporting gee whiz ethanol hybrid technology has just surfaced in D Business. The Caddy that leans will be built by V20 Consulting in New York and shown off at the next LA Auto Show. The irony of an outside company building a technology demostrator isn't lost on us, but it isn't the first time the General has collaborated with someone on a motorcycle. Just a couple hundred feet from the Detroit offices lives the first Caddy chopper, built by and currently for sale at Great American Chopper in Clawson, MI.

Knowing it was there, we took a quick jaunt to their shop so you can see what may inform the next motorcycle. According to the folks who work there, reports of Caddy boss Jim Trailer actually buying this bike are greatly exaggerated, so if you want to take a look for yourself and live in the Detroit area, it'll be there for all to see. [MotorAuthority via Hell For Leather]