Details have emerged from Sony's "PlayStation Day" in London that Nissan will be sponsoring a Gran Turismo-branded competition with one hell of an eventual prize: the opportunity to compete in a 24-hour race in Dubai next January. Getting to that race is quite the task, though. Beginning on May 23 you can fire up your PlayStation 3 and hit up the PlayStation Network to begin the dirty work of qualifying by virtual driving races.

To get to the 24-hour race it begins with elimination tournaments for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. This will eventually whittle down to two winners who will then partake in four months worth of racing lessons eventually leading to the opportunity to take Godzilla around the track, for 24 hours of Dubai racing action. Sony will also be filming the bulk of the academy and will be made available for download on the PlayStation Network.

That only means it's time to get practicing. [Via Kotaku]