Still scrubbing to get that smell of hooker's spit out of your car? Have no fear—it's time to ditch the scented cardboard tree in favor of something a little more high tech and a lot more successful in eliminating life's unfortunate odors. Rather than masking odors in cars, the NanoBreeze oxidizes all of the airborne baddies making your vehicle stink worse than a high school cafeteria. Air oxidization is the same type of technology that Sharper Image sells like hotcakes, but now it's available in a miniature version that can hook right up to an air vent. The one downside is that it requires power via the 12V DC power outlet, which is never required by cardboard tree cutouts or circular gel discs. The larger model is available for $66 and the mini (pictured) goes for $26. [Nanobreeze via GadgetGrid]