If ever there was a project hellish enough to merit actual purchase consideration based solely on the novelty of the car in question, this Volkswagen Rabbit Limo is right up there. Just reading the description you can almost feel the flames of hell licking at this guy as he tries to convince someone to purchase a stretched Rabbit with rusty floors and a rotten interior that hasn't run since 2002. This one is definitely for the pure of heart, but hey, only $750! Description and more pics below.

Time to sell this huge project! Not for the faint of heart! Very rusty. Here's the details....Professionally stretched when new..I have a promo pic of it from the company that built it. Low miles about 50K...1.6 Gas powered automatic. Dealer installed air. This car ran and drove when I got it in 2002. The metal was rotted under the vinyl top. The floors were falling through. The rocker were rusty. I had a roof panel welded in with a sunroof. I had floors made by a metal shop, then installed. Some rocker work done. The fuel tank was removed when welding. The tank is still out, so it does not run. It did run and drive great prior however. We put in brackets to install A4 GTI rear black leather seat which is included. I have extra rust free doors. This car could be a lot of fun after a lot of work. I just don't have the time for it. The last pic is from 02 when it was last driven (fun).

Thanks for the tip mtdrv