Sand cars are one of those really fun, but incredibly impractical corners of the automotive world we don't manage to get around to very often. Apparently Xtreme Motorsports out in California has decided to jump on the green bandwagon and has announced the availability of an all electric version of their popular car. Built around the same Li-Ion batteries and a beefy electric motor good for 663 lb.ft. of torque, the car should be quite a screamer as the company is quoting 0-70 MPH times around 5 seconds and a range of 200 miles.

That's a pretty good day out in the dunes and with power like that available at the base of a grade it's no wonder the announcement sparked substantial interest. According to the company, after announcing the all electric car, requests for quote have skyrocketed 1,056% in the week since. We see only two problems with all of this. First, Xtreme went out of their way to create the extremely tiresome ZES acronym ā€” of course, Zero Emissions Sandcar, ugh. Second, it's going to be awfully spooky when a mid-flight sand car sails overhead in complete silence. [Xtreme Motorsports]