We've always liked Eric Stoltz. We don't know why given that he's made more than a few movies that we can't recommend (Killing Zoe and The Butterfly Effect to name two) and directed episodes of Quarterlife. All that aside, he shows up as characters we like from time-to-time and he just seems like the kind of celebrity we'd like to hang out with. Anyone who saw Margot At The Wedding may have a somewhat negative opinion of Noah Baumbach, but before that he made one much better film: Kicking & Screaming (not the one with Will Ferrell). In order to get the film released they wrote in a part for Eric Stolz, who was the early 1990's indy equivalent of Samuel L. Jackson in that you couldn't make a movie without him. Despite the fact that he's an afterthought in the script, the weird performance he gives is both memorable and entertaining.

After that, Baumbach and Stoltz teamed up for Mr. Jealousy, which is a fairly simple but nevertheless entertaining romantic comedy that includes a quirky and magnetic Annabella Sciorra. Sciorra plays a perpetual art student that becomes the object of Stoltz's neurotic affection. When he discovers she's from Brooklyn but lacks the accent or other baggage he responds that he "hates it when people don't live up to their stereotypes." This is a long way of saying that the Lamborghini "Feel Italian, Wherever You Are" ads manage to portray a stereotype while at the same time defying the conept that all supercar ads have to be stuffy and boring legacy jobs. We have to credit to Dr. Danger for taking it one step further in one of our first visual gag comments of the day (don't get any ideas):


That's a spicy Lamborghini!