You know you've made it as a hard partying celeb when yours face is chosen by paranoid delusional persons as that of drunk driving goddess incarnate. Lindsay Lohan is just so lucky. Her 2007 DUI mugshot is featured prominently as the example of those kinds of people who need an in-car breathalyzer ignition interlock, versus you know, the regular drinky-drivers. It's all part of a newspaper ad from the confusing folks at Interlock Facts who want to make sure those dastardly "anti-alcohol activists" don't get to put a breathalyzer in your car. We hate to break it to you "Interlock Facts", but on the list of things to be paranoid about, this one is pretty damn far down. We do give you points for your mean-spirited ads though. Full spot below the fold.


Paid for by the American Beverage Institute, eh? Why would they care?