The answer is probably a lot more than you wanted to. According to the Lundberg national survey, the average price of regular self-service gas reached $3.62 a gallon, an increase of approximately $0.15 over the last two weeks and nearly $0.30 over the last month. This, of course, is occurring right before the summer driving season when demand is the greatest. The highest price was in San Francisco at $3.95 a gallon, with the lowest price at $3.39 per gallon in Cheyenne, Wyoming. City leaders in Cheyenne are planning a new tourism campaign based around this entitled "Cheyenne, Cheap Gas And Two Olive Gardens."

Not surprisingly, everyone blames everyone else for this crisis, but the fact is that supplies are relatively limited for this time of year, meaning that the gas tax holiday is even stupider than we'd first considered. Anyone from Cheyenne or Montana pay a paltry $3.30 on gas? Anyone in CA pay more than $4.00? Hey, hey LBJ, how much did you pay for gas today? [AP]