When you're trying to sell a beat-to-hell '67 Impala wagon equipped with an even more beat-to-hell ToteMotel camper on the back, you have to figure on a few chuckles from potential buyers. Here we have a seller who feels so confident that his or her Impala/ToteMotel combo will make its reserve price that wisecracking questions are just water off a duck's back:

Q: My Ole hound dog Buck Shot saw this and wants to come see it himself.he doesn't have any money but he can hunt critters for you to pay it off.What should I tell the boy?
A: Tell him you are going into stand up comedy.

It needs a little work, but imagine how much fun you'll have in a ToteMotel- why, the name alone is a winner! Thanks to DeadFlorist for the tip! [eBay Motors]