Remember the really, really low Volkswagen Transporter? When you get used to driving a bus that low, it just makes sense to add a Thing to your collection and make it even lower... and when you've dropped it down onto the pavement, then you convert it to right-hand drive. That's what this air-cooled Alameda madman has done here, and the result makes quite an impression.

Is it a US-market Thing, a European military Type 181, a Mexican Safari? I sure as hell can't tell you, but it parks on the street and drives regularly (trailing showers of sparks on even the smallest roadway imperfections).


As you can see, I shot this last fall. Leaves, squirrels, seagull shit... but who cares?

Sadly, this 181's owner also has plain ol' California plates in addition to the Armed Forces 1954 plates.