It's true that, from time to time, we share with you photos of uncertain origin and veracity. Being the responsible journalists we are we try and include the appropriate caveats and always follow up with automakers when possible (you know you've hit gold when the lawyers get on the phone). That being said, the increase in the abilities of dreaming photoshoppers and the decrease in styling for some automobiles means you could look at a 2009 BMW 7 Series image and wonder if that isn't maybe actually real (it almost certainly isn't). Remember that one sketch of the "could be" Subaru Forester? Yeah, not so much like the actual US Subaru Forester. That's the nature of the game.

So when Mr. Siler shared the story, and gruesome photos, from his recent motorcycle crash, the response from Neener was either an appropriately hilarious send-up or the extreme manifestation of our possibly overdeveloped cynicism:


Is that a joke? We're too cynical to tell.