Yo, we got to dust these boys off! Whenever I hear the Public Enemy song, I always picture a car pretty much exactly like the Malaise Olds 98 that Schweppes Maymar has very kindly captured for us on the mean streets of Windsor Toronto, Ontario. Make the jump to read what Schweppes Maymar has to say about this fine automobile.

I came home from work today, to find this '76 Oldsmobile 98 moored (parked doesn't feel like the right word) in front of my apartment. Unfortunately, neither my camera, or my ability with said camera can capture the epicness of this car. Still, far more interesting than most of the late-model commuter capsules populating Toronto (I'm waiting on a couple older cars to come out of hibernation though).

Incidentally, Oldsmobile's tagline for '76 was "Can we build one for you?" I wish they still could.