We love candy. Why wouldn't we love candy? It's candy. And while we sometimes feel like kids in the proverbial candy store when we go to auto shows, we're also like kids when we go to actual candy stores (of which there are shockingly few given the prevalence of that particular cliche). That being said, there is a candy store that we're quite find of in Houston called Candylicious. And we know a store for fat people in Houston is a cliche in and of itself, but it is a delicious cliche. In addition to being able to mix and match your own colors of M&M's, the store specializes in tracking down regional confections (grow up eating Squirrel Nut Zippers? They have them). It's like that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry dates the girl with all the toys they grew up with, except that you don't have to drug anyone. And to make it better there's a store next to it called "The Chocolate Bar" that is a bar-like eatery that serves an almost unlimited variety of Chocolate. Bring on the diabetes.

What does this have to do with the QOTD? Usually we try and highlight great insight and humor but, if the zing is a one-liner, it's hard not to give away the joke. Today's joke comes from Novaload, who commented on the post about the outrageous Acura NSX crash. As a way of background, the car was allegedly in a race with a Civic that featured a "Tuned By Reese" sticker on it:

Now his car has been tuned by Reese's Pieces.

We almost launched milkshake out of our nose when we read that. We need to get on a diet.