Proving you don't have to put out Ferrari Enzo bucks to nearly kill yourself by driving like a complete idiot, a man in San Diego completely decimated his Acura NSX (erroneously referred to as a Honda Acura and an Acura Integra in various reports) in what is being reported as a street race with a black Honda Civic with a "Tuned By Reese" sticker on the back. That's the problem with street racing specially customized cars, other than the recklessness, you're an easy target for the police. The NBC affiliate in San Diego quotes one witness as saying "I saw the car in the gutter with a guy sitting it it without any front. He was holding on the the gearshift, and I think he was still in shock and still wanting to shift gears."

The driver is, miraculously, alive, though has suffered from a fractured neck and we're pretty certain he's going to be out a lot of money in lawyer's fees. You can see the airbags deployed, though the steering wheel seems to be a good twenty feet from the car when that happened. (h/t LTDScott and Vintage Racer) [Source: MSNBC, NBC San Diego]