The first-ever Formula 1 night race is still on track for September and more details have arisen about some of the safety precautions that will be taken to ensure to well-being of all everyone involved. In addition to the special lighting system installed at the Singapore track, 35 LED flags will be situated around the track to make the drivers more aware, especially when the flag-waving race official will be harder to see at night.

The LED-flag system has been in development for 10 years now because of very strict regulations put in place by the La Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile, or the FIA, the governing body for motor racing events, including Formula 1. This is surprising because the president of the FIA is generally known to be pretty loose.

Valerio Maioli, the same design firm handling the ridiculous lighting for the event, was behind the creation of the LED flags. September can't get here soon enough. [Motor Authority]