Remember when we ran the spy photos of that not-so-much-sexy Chevy Volt mule yesterday? Remember how there was a certain assumption this one carried that all important E-flex powertrain? Well, according to GM E-Flex spokesman Rob Peterson, what we saw was only a ride and handling mule — this is the E-Flex equipped Malibu. Okay, so the color is different. This proves nothing! Regardless, the Chevy Volt is still pretty far out on its timeline — so far out that Popular Mechanics doesn't even know GM is working on exactly what they're asking for in their latest opinion piece. True, the Volt's got a second powertrain in there, but for the most part it does what they're asking for. Hmm, maybe they should just stick with getting Wert to lobby for better concept cars or, you know, rendering flying cars every other month.

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