A European company by the strange name of PReVENT is looking to do what we figure has to be an impossible task: create the uncrashable car. The company with a funny name is using their budget of nearly $80 million develop a wide variety of oddly-named technologies to assist drivers in potentially dangerous situations. A few of those strange tech names below the jump.

WILLWARN: a project using different wireless communications tools to warn other drivers about upcoming dangerous situations like wrecks, obstructions in the road, etc.

MAPS&ADAS: similar to WILLWARN, but uses satellite navigations to prepare for upcoming dangers and hazards like sharp bends in the road and more.

SASPENCE: a project that analyzes safe driving speeds and distances. This could essentially calibrate the perfect speed and distance from upcoming cars to compensate for sudden braking and more.

LATERALSAFE: a solution to the blind spot conundrum that is as old as Henry Ford himself.


APALACI and COMPOSE: two projects that address the surrounding vehicles while driving. The two technologies will actively track the speed and trajectory of the other vehicles and objects like pedestrians around you being able to react to sudden movements.

For some odd reason this reminds me a little of Nascar's "Car of Tomorrow" but with a lot cooler technologies. Also, I hate it because it reminded me for even a moment of the motorsports shame that is Nascar, but whatever, currently the technologies being implemented by PReVENT are being tested in a Volvo FH12, BMW 545i, Fiat Stilo, Alfa Romeo 156 and Mercedes E350. [Science Daily]