Who doesn't enjoy a good visit to the sauna? Apparently, Russians especially like to relax in the steam, so much so that they've built this mobile unit. Yes, this ex-military truck has been converted into the ultimate sauna on wheels. From these photos, it seems like it works quite well for weekend getaways in the vast Russian wilderness. And when you're done opening your pores, you can go out in search of some off-roadin' hoonage!

Yeah, this sure beats having to go to the "health club" to sit in the steam room. With this there's no membership fee, and you probably won't end up sitting next to Oscar from Accounting, as he complains about all the new software that "corporate" is making them learn. Compare that to hanging out with these Russian dudes, it's a no-brainer.
[yaplakal.com via EnglishRussia]