When we first saw these pictures of the new Qi Ling CP1A sports sedan from Chengfeng, we thought it was a big step for an automaker whose attempts at impressing Americans are sometimes stepped on by their translating department. Powered by a 1.8-Liter four banger, the sporty sedan appears to be a step forward for Chinese design. Initially, we thought the only thing missing was a name. CP1A is a code, the actual name is not likely to be revealed until closer to the Beijing Motor Show. Though it lacks the Mazda6 underpinning of the FAW B50, there's something about that design that strikes us as being familiar. Oh wait.

Look familiar to you? How about after this photo. That's right, it is a dead ringer for the 2008 Subaru WRX STI. Sure, they inverted the grille and don't have the fancy foglight construction. But other than that it's a pretty heavy influence. Actually, the look almost works better on this vehicle. [Auto.sina. via TheTycho]