Here's the very first shots of the General's upcoming Theta-based crossover that's all about being "Professional Grade" — the 2010 GMC Terrain. The Terrain's showing a big block-like grille peeking through the semi-transparent bra it's wearing. Our spy shooters even indicate they believe the mesh you see surrounding said badge may in fact be indicative of a Denali trim. All we know is the Terrain will be kissing cousins to the Vue, and the next-generation 2010 Chevy Equinox. Also, it looks mind-numbingly boring. But if you're still interested — for god only knows what reason — hit the jump for the full spy report from the quick-to-shoot spy snappers at KGP.

GM's Fourth Theta Variant Spotted on the road—Shows Some GMC Acadia Design Cues

The GMC Terrain has now hit the road giving us our first all-angles look at GM's latest Theta-based crossover for the first time. We spotted it last week in a holding pen, but we were lacking the confirming look at the prototype's grille. The blocky grille looks appropriate for a GMC, and the mesh grille design actually looks like this particular model could possibly be a Denali version.

This prototype gets further separation from its platform-mates (current Saturn Vue, next-gen Chevy Equinox, and the Theta-premium Cadillac BRX and Saab 9-4x), thanks to its blocky wheel arch design. This wheel well design is very similar to its GMC Acadia big brother.

While the upgraded Theta premium models for Cadillac and Saab show signs of a sloping, somewhat "coupe-like" roofline, the standard Theta-based Chevy Equinox and this GMC prototype maintain a flat roofline. Cargo capacity and functionality are clearly a higher priority for GM's volume brands. GMC's Terrain will supplant the Pontiac Torrent in GM's lineup, leaving Pontiac to focus on passenger cars, while playing to the strengths of the GMC lineup. The Terrain is expected to reach the market in mid-2009 as a 2010 model.