Sometimes the 1980's just confuse us, though most of us here were alive for the better part of the decade. Take NBC's Bosom Buddies, a show whose premise was that Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari dressed up as women to live in the aptly named Susan B. Anthony hotel. Why? Cheap rent. We guess it beats pretending to be gay. The show is also interesting because neither Tom Hanks nor Peter Scolari were particularly famous to begin with and it could be argued that Scolari was the better known actor at the time. Now, of course, Hanks is one of the most famous actors and the world and Peter Scloari is, well, Peter Scolari.

We have our own Bosom Buddy in Wes Siler, who was mistaken for Ray's girlfriend when he first appeared, mostly due to his flowing hair. Now that he's flipping bikes and reviewing sports cars he's all-of-a-sudden the toughest guy here. Thankfully, our dear POLAR never forgets:

I hope you didn't bruise that fine ass of yours Wes, I have such fond memories of it...

It's a nice sentiment. It really is. But Wes has no ass to speak of. If he did he might have been able to land on that instead of his arm.