Though our love for Texas knows no end, the state certainly has its share of people who have more balls than common sense. Take Mr. William Johnson, the Thomas Crown of Brazoria, Texas. On the way to burgling a house he came across a wild American Alligator and thought it would be a good idea to wrestle it and put it in the back of his Buick Regal. After arriving at the house he found he had trouble moving a big screen television by himself and recruited a neighbor. The neighbor was willing to rob his other neighbor but relented when he saw the gator, saying "Alright, I ain't got nothing to do with it."

The alligator turned out to be an awful lookout as state troopers managed to find the would-be thief fairly easily, hauling one off to jail and the other off to a preserve. To make things more interesting, they also found Johnson with a nearly five-foot water moccasin. Though he had a snakebite, it didn't seem to bother him. This story makes us a little homesick. [KTRK-TV]