In honor of today's release of GT5 Prologue we've been holding on to a few video game QOTD's. Yesterday, we asked you about your favorite racing video game from the 1980's and today we're zooming ahead chronologically to the 1990's. This is a decade that saw us go from Virtua Racing, a game so advanced it required a special processor in the cartridge, to the original Gran Turismo. You had games with performance and style as varied as Lotus Turbo Challenge and the original Twisted Metal. For good or ill we also got the original Grand Theft Auto top-down games.

Given the insane advances in technology and communication we saw a lot of changes in the racing/car games of the 1990's. Is your favorite an ideal racing simulator like GT1 or a nostalgic experience like Megarace? Just to rekindle some older memories, we've included the intro to the original Gran Turismo, which blew our tiny minds back in the day.