We didn't actually know Portland, Maine had crime or even roads, we always just assumed it was an idyllic beach town where Bostonians drove for long weekends to eat big lobsters. Apparently it's actually Maine's largest city and the location of a seriously impressive crime spree straight out of Grand Theft Auto. Thomas Cassidy, 19, apparently went off the deep end and randomly began burgling and vandalizing and then starting cars on fire. He managed to get through ten cars in a little over two hours before police caught up to him by accident while canvasing for witnesses.

Veteran firefighters couldn't believe the speed with which Cassidy was able to start the blazes — faster than they were able to respond and put them out. The Portland Press Herald has a Google maps overlay of the path of destruction and the in-depth story, but we were shocked to find nary a reference to violent video games leading to the fall of western society. Hey, just as a word of caution, El-Wert-o may want to stay away from purple Jeep Cherokees in the Portland Maine area. photo credit to the Gregory Rec/Portland Press Herald