Well, there you have it folks, batteries in the boot, basically all the proof you get this is a hybrid SUV because everything else hybridy is in the transmission. We also gathered the Scorpio diesel hybrid is intended for production, but dates and the possibility of US import were left up to the Mahindra folks. Aside from that bit of boring, we talked to the FEV folks a bit and got some information in conflict with our earlier reporting. We were wandering around Cobo at the 2008 SAE World Congress and trying to figure out where the heck the Mahindra Appalachian sporting a diesel electric hybrid powertrain was.

There isn't even a regular old Appalachian out here. Turns out, somewhere in the reporting of the hybrid diesel powertrain and the import of the Appalachian, the two were put together in an internet version of the phone game. From what FEV tells us, there were actually no plans for that variant of the truck and it will not be at SAE. The regular diesel truck is still intended for US import, but if you're a curry-flavored diesel electric truck lover, there is no joy in Detroit for you today.