Our last Japanese representative on DOTS Truck Monday was the '80 Plymouth Arrow, but the last one actually bearing the name of an overseas manufacturer was the '74 Datsun of a couple months ago. That means we're due for another Japanese Truck Monday, so let's take a look at this fine tape-striped Late Malaise Toyota pickup. Oh, sure, these things are still everywhere (including the motor pools of every strongman, warlord, and wannabe Lord Humungus in the world), but immortality shouldn't disqualify a vehicle from Down On The Street!

I found this rack-equipped 4X4 parked on the same block as the '53 Packard Cavalier and just around the corner from the '74 Plymouth Satellite Sundance Edition; perhaps the presence of those two stellar DOTS heroes blinded me to the presence of this fine work truck for all these months.

Check out these fine Late Malaise tape stripes! It's true that the 22R engine in this truck might not have been the mighty bass-boat-haulin' powerhouse that truck buyers require today for their luxurious bloatmobiles, but the Toyota R's reliability was pure Warlord Grade bulletproof.

It takes very little imagination to picture an entire platoon of AK-wielding troops hanging off that rack as this truck bounces down a dirt road in (insert name of lawless Thirld World hotspt here). For now, however, this truck will continue to earn its keep hauling plumbing supplies to Bay Area job sites.