Think you're the next Claus Luthe—well, minus the whole murdering your next of kin thing? A company by the name of Local Motors is putting car design in the hands of the people by holding a car design competition where winning means you get to have your idea made into a real boy. There is a bit of a catch, though. Local Motors isn't necessarily a real car company, and that's because they make kits. So it's looking for a car design that Local Motors can sell as a kit.

Not only is Local Motors looking for amazing-looking cars, but they are jumping on the fuel-efficiency bandwagon as well by wanting cars capable of 40 mpg or better. The engines will be diesel and the bodies will be made of carbon fiber to help achieve this goal. Local Motors will hold a number of competitions over the year, with the first being to design a "Californian off-road machine." Winning entries will receive $1,500 and if Local Motors decides to exploit use your creative design, you can rack in $10,000. [Autopia]