The video above video, which we've shown you before, takes a little explanation but, for the uninitiated, it is well worth it. Ken Carter was the great Canadian stunt driver who, initially, undertook the usual types of challenges that you see here in the beginning of this clip. Eventually, he decided he wanted to make one great memorable rocket-powered jump over the St. Lawrence Seaway from Canada into the United States, a distance of nearly a mile. There are numerous attempts to get the funding, the weather and the materials to work. After years he think he's got his jump ready in a 1979 Lincoln Continental in an attempt weirdly similar to The Ramp BMW documentary. Things don't go right and he aborts five second before take-off.

He retreats to his hotel for nine days. The crew, afraid of losing more money, convinces a friend of Carter's to make the jump without Carter's knowledge. The results were disastrous as the car didn't get the speed it needed. The driver survived, but Carter died months later in another stunt before completing this stunt. (h/t Braff) [Youtube,]