As fun, heart-warming and informative as today's QOTD lovefest was, it took a true Jalopnik spirit to remind us of that delicate blend of wit, insight and bite that keeps us reading, writing and commenting. Though we don't often admit it, we owe this style to Ambrose Bierce, Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain and, more recently, the writer and critic Dorothy Parker. She famously said that if you wanted to know what God thought of money, look at the people he gave it to. And by this she very well could have been talking about the Ford family.

In that vein, we include this appropriate tribute from our own Charles Barrett, who is a lot like Dorothy Parker, though one with better luck in the men department.

The high level of literacy of the entire Jalopnik community is absolutely what keeps me coming back; many allusions go right over my head, but I can tell by other Commenter's remarks that I have been witness to something funny and/or sublimely ironic and/or politically relevant and/or pop-culture referential.

It's kind of like a huge, global Algonquin Round Table for auto enthusiasts, and we each get a chance to be Robert Benchley or Dorothy Parker.

Can I be Groucho Marx?