The 2009 Lamborghini Murciélago SV will be a lightweight, high-power, rear wheel drive end-of-model-line runout special. Based on the LP640, power from the V12 engine is expected to increase to 680bhp while weight will drop up to 100kg from the LP640's 1660kg.

The weight will be lost by ditching the AWD in preference for RWD, while the doors and some body panels will be made from carbon fiber. The interior will also see the entertainment system scrapped in the pursuit of ultimate performance. Performance capable of casting a shadow over even the Gallardo LP560-4 and million Euro LP640 Reventon.

The most significant visual identifier — necessary to keep the 680bhp pointed in a straight line — for the SV will be the huge, fixed rear wing, which will also be made from carbon. A shorter, more subtle version will be available for those who don't think they can pull off the boy racer look in a $320,000+ supercar. [via Autocar]