We got this note from Al Navarro, commenter extraordinaire, this morning and thought we'd share:

Why I love the J.*
It's been an interesting week here at the Jalop so far. We saw a multi-kilobuck "supercar" get a big fat "meh" from the voters and commenters. (I forget if the "over 80% or it's out" rule ever got incorporated into JFG-law.) I haven't counted the votes of the CSRs, but I'm pretty sure if we were superdelegates, it would get banned from the garage....

We also saw Matt Hardigree post the first part of a review on the Mercury Mariner Hybrid. A review that reminded a few of us old-timers of the days before stars, short-lived female staffers, and perhaps even Polar. A review that led to a discussion about Providence, the merits of various hot and cold beverages, and where one might find Fat Tire locally.

And then, perhaps nearest and dearest to my car-heart, we saw a post on a rather un-newsworthy car reintroduction become a platform for a dialog about car choices, social class, and perhaps even our very own life priorities.

Recently, Gawker Media's enfant terrible/child prodigy Jezebel posted "The Girl's Guide to Commenting". It contained the following advice:

"Please refrain from hijacking threads; we realize that discussions naturally take twists and turns but we strongly frown upon those who begin commenting about their love of ice cream in a post about Hillary Clinton."

I would pretty much ditch Jalopnik if this kind of thing didn't happen with the frequency that it does here. Kudos and thanks to the editors, writers, and commenters — starred and unstarred.

As you were.

*This has been a totally unpaid endorsement of Jalopnik. I am Al Navarro and approved this message

This got us on the other side of the screen thinking. What makes everyone love Jalopnik so much? We think we know why, which is how we keep dishing out the goodness, but it doesn't hurt to hear from you all because knowing how you like it makes it easier to give it to you. Even if that means speaking like ze weirdo Englizman. You tell us, what makes you come back? Why do you love the J?